Sword Through Your Heart Halloween Costume

Introduction: Sword Through Your Heart Halloween Costume

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In this instructable I'm going to teach you how to make a awesome halloween costume. It's easy, simple and cheap. I made the costume before this instructable so I don't have good pictures.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this instuctable you will need:

A scissor

Hot Glue Gun

A paper knife (not shown in the picture)

Duct Tape

Clear Tape

Red and Blue Paint

Spray Paint (silver, gold)


A old white shirt

Step 2: Draw Your Sword

First you need to draw a shape of your sword on the piece of cardboard. You can draw a arrow, a axe or whatever, it's your choice.

Step 3: Cut It Out

Then you cut it out. I suggest you use a knife first, then use a scissors to trim it.

Step 4: Spray Paint It

Next spray paint your cardboard sword.(I got this picture from another instructable) You can paint it any colour you want. Make sure you spray a thin layer so it would dry quicker and wouldn't make the cardboard soft and weak.

Step 5: Mix Colours Into Blood

Mix red with a little tiny bit of blue to make it look like blood. Add some water but not to much or else it will lose the consistency and it will not look like blood.

Step 6: Brush the Blood Paint Onto the Sword

Use a dry brush and dip it in a little bit of paint. Gently brush it over the sword so it would look like scratches of blood and you can still see the spray paint. You can but a little bit more blood on the tip.

Step 7: Wrapping Tape

Wrap duct tape on the handle to make it stronger and clear tape around the sword to make it waterproof.

Step 8: Cut the Sword

Cut the sword in half. Doesn't matter where but cut it in half

Step 9: Stick the Sword

Stick the two half pieces of the sword on the shirt. One on the front and one on the back make sure it looks like its stabbed into you. Hot glue works best.

Step 10: Small Cardboard Piece

Cut two small pieces of cardboard and hot glue the under the shirt where you stuck the sword so it can keep it stable.

Step 11: Spread Blood Around Your Sword

Put the rest of the blood paint around the place where you stuck your sword so it looks like you are bleeding. Make sure you spread it over the front and back. The spare paint you can brush it lightly around the shirt.

Step 12: Let It Dry

Be patient, let it dry. If you don't it will spread all over your clothes or your body when you wear it.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool costume! The sword looks like it's going right through you. Very clever, and well done!