Introduction: Sycamore Green Wind Turbine

This is a guide to build a small wind turbine. Capable of generating electricity.

The Sycamore Turbine is designed to provide electricity to power electric fences for livestock.

Materials Used:

Wood for producing the stand.
3mm diameter metal rod.
Pair of gears.
Two bearings to fit rod diameter.
Modelling foam.
Sheet of acrylic.

Step 1: Making the Blades

Shape the modelling foam by cutting and sanding into the shape of the blades. We used a hot wire cutter to do this however it could also be done with a hacksaw and sand paper. Glue the pieces together using a hot glue gun.

To make lighter, waterproof blades we then vacuum formed a sheet of acrylic over the foam blades. We then painted this green so that the turbine would start to resemble a tree.

Step 2: Bearing Holder

To mount the bearings in the stand we made a metal holder. The end holes are the size of the bearings so that a tight fit is produced. This part was made on a metalworking lathe. 

If a metal lathe is not available this part could be skipped and the bearings could be mounted straight into the wooden stand.

Step 3: The Stand

Sand and cut the wood to produce a flat base.
Drill through main stand so that the bearing mount (or bearings) can be knocked in. 
Chisel or use a band saw to create a notch for the "arm" to rest in. Hold this in place with two screws through the front of the stand.

Step 4: Mounting the Gears and Motor

Fasten the gears on to the main shaft and on to the motor
Drill a hole the size of the motor in a block of wood that fits on to the "arm".
Fit the motor into the hole and sand down the holder until the gear on the motor meshes with the gear on the shaft. Do this gradually to ensure that a good mesh between the two gears is achieved.
When this is achieved screw the block holding the motor on to the arm by two screws through the underside.

Now you have a functioning wind turbine that can generate energy.

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