Introduction: Symmetric Flower Pattern

In this Instructables I am going to show you how to make this symmetrical six Circle flower-like pattern

Step 1: What You Need

-Color pencils

Step 2: Find the Center

Adjust compass to desired size. Put compass needle on the center of the paper, this does not need to be the exact Middle. Draw a circle

Step 3: Circle 2

Put needle anywhere on the circle and make another circle

Step 4: Circle 3

Put the needles where circle 2 meets Circle 3 and make a circle

Step 5: The Rest

Put needle on paper where circle 1 and 3 meet and draw a circle. Now put the needle on the paper where 4 and 1 meat and draw a circle. Then 5 and 1 then 6 and 1 until it looks like this.

Step 6: Color It In

You can color it in with lots of bright colors!

Step 7: More and More

You can just keep adding circles and make it look like this!

I hope you enjoy is this, please vote and thank you for viewing.

Feel free to ask questions:-)