Introduction: Sympoetic Land - Fabric and Resin Dome

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The goal is to create an extremely light and elegant dome structure from fabric and resin.

The structure is built upside down, just like Gaudi modeled the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

The art installation is to evoke a beautiful natural landscape of mountains and greenery

This is

Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 2: Build the Frame

Step 3: Label the Frame With Letters

Step 4: Lay the Fabric

Step 5: Trim the Fabric and Label Each Corners With the Letters

Step 6: Multiple Layers Built: Lay the Fabric Down and Add the Layers

Step 7: Attach the Veil by the Corners

Step 8: Prepare the Resin Mix

Step 9: Soak the Fabric With Resin

Step 10: Put the Fabric to Its Final Shape

This is a work in progress.
I will update the instructables once I have all the pictures.
Stay tuned :)