Synth Dread Installation for Complete Color Change

Introduction: Synth Dread Installation for Complete Color Change

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In this video Doc will show you how to make a FULL transformation of color and texture with a dread installation that covers every part of your natural hair.

To complete this tutorial you will need the following items;

  1. Synthetic Backcombed Double Ended Dreadlock
  2. Elastic Matrix Thread
  3. KK Smooth Seal
  4. Shears
  5. Spray Water Bottle (Optional)

Ready for full-on color transformation? Follow along in the video!

Step 1: Create Section

Cut your thread to an appropriate length. Part your natural hair for the first dread. Split the natural hair into two halves.

Step 2: Add Braiding Fiber and Dreadlock to Part Line

4Position a strand of jumbo braid across the section. Add the dreadlock to the jumbo braid. To create your braid, leave the top leg and both legs of jumbo braid out.

Step 3: Braid Natural Hair With Dreadlock

Use the lower leg of the dread and the two legs of natural hair to create your three strands. Hold the two strands of natural hair to one side, putting one on top, and the other on the bottom. Move the bottom section of natural hair under and around the other strand of natural hair, underneath the dread, and back over the dread (similar to a figure 8). Your strand should have become your new top strand. Repeat this motion until you reach the ends of your natural hair.

Step 4: Secure Hair and Loose Ends

Wrap one leg of elastic thread around the end of the hair for several turns. Tie the thread together into a secure knot. Combine all, leaving out one leg of the thread. Wind the free leg of thread around and down the dread, past the natural ends. Knot the elastic thread and cut away the ends.

Step 5: Add in Braiding Fiber

Place the jumbo braid fiber to one side of the base and give it a bit of backcombing. Wrap the fiber around the dread following the direction of the dreads natural twist.

Step 6: Secure Jumbo Braid and Cut Away Excess Fiber

Use another piece of elastic matrix fiber to tie a knot to secure this fiber. Cut away the excess jumbo braid. Optional - use your elastic matrix to braid over the dread for added texture and security.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

Palm roll to relax. Repeat with remaining sections.

Step 8: Removal

1. Cut the elastic thread.

2. Gently loosen thread.

3. Unbraid.

4. Comb out and wash the natural hair.

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    That's really neat! Dreads are fun, especially with different colors mixed in :)