Introduction: Sypranic 8 Round Revolver V2.0

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Well! its been 3 years and 1 week since I taped up that first cylinder! My how time flies! to celebrate 3 years I've decided to work again with knex for maybe a last time, maybe not. So I bring you after years, The Sypranic 8 round Revolver v2.0! The successor to the one that started the taped cylinder idea. - improvements? ....a true trigger?....yeah.... Ive seen other peoples versions...  However this one does maintain the true revolver shape., and will not damage your cylinder if you fire without it perfectly aligned. (not that you can do it with this thing)

Let me also state, I gotta admit it was fun to pull out the old boxes of knex and build again :) it was a nice break from school work, programing, and fixing/building computers. I think I realize, I can't get to into it otherwise my creations are... well... crap... yeah, if you saw that video i put on youtube of the Revolver Prototype, lets just say... flimsy and not very good, also I just didn't like the feel of it.

Without further Adue (spelling?) I present to you S9rR v2.0

Step 1: Barrel and Top

I apologize for any blurriness, these pictures were made before I found how to use the macro option on my moms camera (Cannon hid it very well...)

***** Note *******
1) This is for standard size barrel, if you want a longer barrel, or a snub nose, Increase/decrease accordingly
2) When I say "Gray" - it usually means the darker colour, conversely "Grey" means the lighter colour.
3) My previous statement probably only aplies to me, "Grey" is the English way and "Gray" is the American way... or oposite... I have no idea, but Firefox tells me to spell it "Gray" and it is in American English i think...
12 Orange connectors
6    Snowflake connectors
5    Gray conectors
1    Grey connectors

6     Blue rods
16   Green rods

Picture 1) What you basically will need. This is a standard 3 (technicaly 5) wide fake barrel, so... construct accordingly

Picture 2) Connect the snowflakes to the bottom pieces by snapping them into the blue rods.

Picture 3) Connect the Other side and the top. Thats it for the fake long barrel.

MY APOLOGIES AGAIN! I just realised my camera deleted the photos of the Top Design! as soon as the battery is charged I WILL take photos of it again. For now I guess you need to copy the picture of the main revolver (tbh its not to difficult, its mostly yellow connectors.

Picture 4) it goes. Yellow, Gray, Spacers (2 spaces) 6 Yellows, Gray (upwards), Snowflake, Gray. - will fix ASAP!

Step 2: Handle

Not to difficult one again. Build these and connect em together.

Step 3: Cylinder

Please skip this, or look at another instuctable that has this step. Once again I apologize  Higher quality steps and pictures are to be made soon.

if you do have the Cylinder just put it on a Yellow Rod, with a Grey connector on an end...

Step 4: Main Body, and Tigger

Another of my weird designs. (you will get what I mean later) But it's time for the part that caused me a lot of trouble for a long time.The Main Body! with a True Trigger. Around Now is where I found the Macro

Picture 1)  2 identical small things that is be the main part.  These are the most important parts, Don't Mess up (sarcasm)

Picture 2) Connect the two using 2 Blue rods. One on the top reds one on the top yellows

Picture 3) Connect yellow connectors to the ends on both sides, then put white rods facing twards what will me where the handle will go, and remember to put green rods facing upwards on the yellow connectors as well.

Picture 4) Snap on another blue rod onto the top yellow connector, and have grey connectors with green rods conect on, so the green rods are facing with the other green rods.

Picture 5) Slide 2Orange connectors onto the white rods (till they are Id say 1 blue spacer from the end. (you can add a blue spacer if you wish.)

Picture 6)  Snap On a blue rod, and 2 yellows that lay flat with the white rods and connect them to the white rods.

Picture 7) This is the Trigger  it uses 2 Y hand pieces and this blue... thing.. Ill explain next picture.

Picture 8) I'm guessing this is a rareish piece, I only have like 3 but you I believe use a tan connector, or cut it's nose off and it will be the same.

Picture 9) Connect the trigger  to the yellow piece with the green on top. You may need to disconnect the white rod and the orange connector.

Picture 10) Make sure the Orange Connector with the... tan  connector on top goes in between the front 2 blue rods.

Picture 11) On the other end add 2 Red connectors, and snap a blue to connect them.

Picture 12) it should now look something like this!

Step 5: Conecting the Cylinder and the Handel

mmm ok everything Is coming together.

Picture 1) connect the grey connector with the Cylinder to the blue rod in between the red connectors

Picture 2) The handle goes here and be sure to...

Picture 3) Connect it down here

Picture 4) it should look like this.

Picture 5) add this Gray rod after the Cylinder (took it off so you get a better view )

Step 6: Conect Everything and a Couple of Last Min Parts

Almost done! Now to get the Top on and then The Barrel.

Picture 1) connect that Snowflake to behind the cylinder, and before the gray convector, it should JUST fit, Then add 2 Gray Connectors to the end.

Picture 2). It should Look like this!

Picture 3) now add that barrel you made.

Picture 4) Top view

Picture 5) Bottom view

Picture 6) Now put some White rods here to hold it a little more

Picture7) Subject to controversy piece. Surround in duct tape (3 loops around should be enough ) to 1 gray conector

Picture 8) On the bottom should be an opening in between 2 reds. stick the taped gray in there Round part down ( connection part first) it should hold in due to pressure. if it doesn't ad 1 more loop of tape, if to much just peel 1 layer off.

Picture 9) Add a small Ruberband like this. it should push the trigger up, and forward  so it stays in place. - your not done yet!

Picture 10) Time for another Taped piece, this time an orange and VERY minimally

Picture 11) There should be a slight bit of room to slide this in there, it will make it harder o turn the cylinder, but it prevents major Jamming.

Step 7: YOUR DONE! Now Load It!

Tris one reloads very much like the other one.

Using white stick then into the empty chambers like this, you can reload on both sides. If the cylinder doesnt turn check is anything sticking outta these., Then put in your Firing Pin and RBs.

Ppull back, turn to a loaded chamber, release, the tigger will hold the bullet and the Fireing pin back,  Once you do this the chamber is empty, keep in mind and the gun is loaded. so you can pull back again and turn again to get 2 shots but I dont recommend it.,

Pull the trigger and BOOM it should fire :D

Ok now I'm Hungry so Thanks for reading and building See you all later.