Introduction: Sypran's Knex Auto Clicker

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*Warning* if using Runescape be warned today they updated their detection and i have yet to find out if they can detect it, its not a program so maybe they cant, but clicking at a constant rate will make it obvious (hence y there is ruberbands, they make the slight non constant results)

I needed an autoclicker for playing a computer keyboard and to start it you press on key every 15ish seconds,soon a neighbor realised "YO this can be used to high alch on Runescape!" - so I logged on and it did work. though Idk if I would suggest it, (high alching cost money and what about randoms, not to mention my new warning ?) anyway so I don't use this for runescape. and I would not risk getting caught, cause suposadly thats a perm ban without any appeal.

note this version has a plug in motor (and I highly suggest buying)it can be modded to take a battery motor (and I've heard that radioshack has plug in batteries so that might work as well) but remember with normal batteries it will slow down considerably.

this has an average RPM of 16.5 or 33 clicks per min.
it is perfect for clicking for hours if you need that (so you don't get carpel tunnel lol)

Step 1: Gears and Axels

the gears and axels you will need

Step 2: Main Body and Motor

not much to say

Step 3: ZE CLAW IT MOVES! Ooooo

the "finger" or "claw" that will be pressing the button(s)

Step 4: Conections to Body and Finger and Gears

well this is where it comes to shape

Step 5: End! Have Fun,

well thank you for looking at this and or building it

I'm not responsible for anything that happens to you for using this if jagex learns to detect it.

it was fully your choice to use this