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Introduction: Syringe Fire Starter

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I'am Balsuryana, i'm back again with a new project. Do you have so many Dead Lighter??? Stoop!!! Don't throw that away because we can make Fire Starter using old lighter.

So many plastic trash in my house, so i need to recycle the trash before i'm throw it away, because this will produce a useful stuff for you. For make this Fire starter you just need Old lighter, a syringe, some tools and fuels for make the fire starter works. All of the step is not difficult to follow, and it just takes under 10 minutes to make it.

Ok, Lets make it !!!!

Step 1: Parts and Tools You Will Need


  1. Lighter. I choose a lighter with flint for make this projects, but you can also use any lighter.
  2. Syringe. The size I chose is the small size. The size is around 5 ml. I get this syringe from printer ink, but you can buy this for cheap.
  3. Glue. I'm using Epoxy glue for make it more stronger. Also you can use any glue like super glue or hot glue.


From the fuels, i'm using methylated spirit. What is methylated spirit?, you can search it on internet. You can use another fuels like zippo fuels, alcohol, or any flammable fuels

Q: Why you using methylated spirit for the fuels?

A: Because the methylated spirit is very good for fuels and its slow to burn but super hot if you feel it. So it will last longer.


  1. Knife
  2. and any tool maybe need.

Step 2: Open the Lighter

  1. Remove the metal cover from lighter.
  2. Take apart all of the parts and we just need Sparks wheel and the holder, flint, and the spring.
  3. After that, we need to insert the spring and flint back to the sparks wheel holder. This maybe difficult, so you need some tools like knife or anything to help you.
  4. After finish insert the flint, Next we need to build this!.

Step 3: Let's Build the Fire Starter

  1. Insert the sparks wheel holder to the syringe and glue it.

But, Stoop...... hold on. We need to make it looks good, and the holder is not fit to the syringe, so we need to make the hole bigger.

  1. Take your knife and slowly cut the inside on the holder using your knife.
  2. After make the hole bigger, it's look like image 3
  3. Next insert the holder to the syringe. If its fit, next we need to glue it.

Step 4: Unite the Parts

Gluing time!

  1. Because i'm using epoxy glue for gluing this, so i need to mix the 2 parts of the epoxy glue.
  2. Next, apply the glue to the head of the syringe and insert it to the holder.
  3. Wait for the glue dry. This will takes time around 5-10 minutes for glue to dry.
  4. After the glue dry, we need to modification the syringe.

Step 5: Modify the Syringe

We are Almost done and this is the last step for make this fire starter, and lets finish this!

Add the anti melting modification:

  1. Take this parts from the lighter (image 2)
  2. Open it and take the inside like image 3 and 4
  3. Insert it to the head of the syringe
  4. and glue it!

This modification is for make the plastic head of the syringe not melt if the fire is burn.

Step 6: Done!

Done, now you have your own fire starter. This looks like lighter but this is not lighter, this is a fire starter..

Fill The Fuel

Now you just need fill your fire starter with fuel. Fill the fuel until it full.

Next, Lets Test This Fire Starter!!!!

Step 7: Let's Test This

How to Make this Fire Starters works???

  1. Push the syringe for make the fuels go out
  2. Now, Turn the Sparks wheel and make a sparks
  3. And voila!! The fire is light up
  4. Take a wood, paper, or trash for make the fire bigger

And thats it! Now you have a fire

Thank for look my works......

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