Introduction: Syringe Piston Pump

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the piston pump is one of the positive displacement pump which increases the pressure of fluid against flow rate.

we will make a simple piston pump by using very simple components which find it around you every day.

How itWorks?

the piston pump works through 2 strokes of the piston, the first stroke for suction and the second one for discharge.

there is a simple check valves in the inlet and outlet lines to avoid the flow pass through the inlet line during discharge and vise versa.

Step 1: Components

we will use a simple components from surrounding

- Meccano Structure.

- Syringe.

- DC Motor.

- DC Battery 12V.

- Crank Shaft.

- Non return valve from spray.

- Syringe Hoses.

Step 2: Implementation

just connect all the components as shown in figures

the next video shows the piston pump during working.

Download Design

Implementation Video

Step 3: Improvement

you can improve the piston pump by 2 methods.

1. Closed Loop

by using a sensor that can count the number of DC motor turns, you can control the volume witch out from the pump.

2. Open Loop

in this way you can replace the DC motor by the stepper motor without using sensors, just control the movement of the stepper motor by number of pulses.

Piston Pump Formula

the piston pump controlled by an equation, the input is an angle of the motor and the output is the volume of fluid.

Step 4: Thanks

I hope this article useful for all :)

Try to make it and Good Luck :)