Introduction: System Manager Ultimate .bat

Hello Guys!!

This is my first Instructable, So bear with me.

Ever wanted to have an awesome portal/automated program spring up when you have booted your computer up that leads to all your favourite items??

Well now you can make one using MIcrosoft's batch programming langunage !!

You will need

  1. A windows laptop/computer
  2. Notepad
  3. CMD ORcommand prompt

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Step 1: STEP 1: Making the Batch File

How to :

  1. Open Notepad by first pressing win+r and then type notepad.exe in the dialog that appears.
  2. Then copy the following code if you are just someone who is looking at this as a utility. Explanation of this code will be given in the next step for hardcore programmers.:

@echo off

title System Manager

color 0F

echo System Manager Programmed by Gokul.j.kurup

echo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


echo Choose system funcions :-

echo 1 Complete PC shutdown

echo 2 Start Google Chrome

echo 3 List Ongoing Tasks

echo 4 Kill Ongoing Process

echo 5 Restart

echo 6 Go to Google Plus

echo 7 Go to the D: folder

echo 8 Go to Gmail

echo 9 Go to Google Drive

echo e Exit this App

echo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

set /p function= "Input the number of the function you want this app to Undertake "

if "%function%"=="" goto nothing

if "%function%"=="1" goto shutdown

if "%function%"=="2" goto gc

if "%function%"=="3" goto tasklist

if "%function%"=="4" goto taskkill

if "%function%"=="5" goto restart

if "%function%"=="6" goto g+

if "%function%"=="7" goto d:

if "%function%"=="8" goto gmail

if "%function%"=="9" goto gdrive

if "%function%"=="e" goto end


echo Please Input the number of the function you want to execute.



goto functions


echo Loading...

shutdown /s /t 10 /c "Your PC will shutdown in 10 sconds"

goto end


echo Loading...

start chrome.exe

goto end


echo Loading...


set /p d= "Do you want to terminate one of these active process [ Input yes\no]"

if "%d%"=="yes" goto taskkill

if "%d%"=="no" goto end


goto end



goto end


echo Loading Complete.

set /p terminate= "Input image name of the Program you wish to terminate."

taskkill /F /IM %terminate% /T


goto end


echo Loading...

shutdown /r /t 10 /c "Your PC will shutdown in 10 sconds"

goto end

cls goto end


goto end

start d:

goto end


goto end



REM Intellectual property of gokul.j.kurup 2015 INDIA CHENNAI

--------------------------------------------------END OF CODE-----------------------------------------------------------


1. save the file as System_manager.bat on THE DESKTOP

2. IMPORTANT STEP / NOTE CHANGE the .txt document to ALL FILES in the second option while saving file

and make sure the file has a .bat extension

3.. then press win+r and type shell:startup in the dialog box that appears.

4. copy the program from the desktop to the folder that appears [ be very carefull with this step]

5.restart your computer and the window pops up type the function number and...

6. Voila!! your system manager is ready.

Step 2: Explanation Brief : How to Make Custom Options

How to include a new option:

right click the program and press edit

Note : the term refered to has to be named as whatevermust be the same throughout the program but can be changed.

ex if i wanted to make a facebook shortcut: here is what i would do: [spacing is important]

if "%function%"=="10" goto fb




goto end


enter the following syntax in he after the previous conditions :


enter the following syntax filling up the blanks in the before the end function

P.S type whatever you want on the underlined words



goto site link

goto end

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