Introduction: System of Safety of Household Networks and Devices

In everyday life situations of gas explosion, water flooding, and apartment fires are often encountered through electrical examples. This is very dangerous.

To prevent such cases, projects of "smart houses" are being developed, which carry out proper control of the operation of dangerous highways, networks and devices. However, such projects are expensive and often incomprehensible. Therefore, the task was to create a simple control system, which can be installed in any house or apartment without any costs.

The project was mainly developed for older people who find it difficult to master the latest technology and who often forget to turn off water, gas, electrical appliances before leaving home.

Step 1: A Simple System Is Made of a Box

A simple system was developed in the form of a box with indicators that should remind a person what to do before leaving the house.

Step 2: Іndicators

At the same time, all the indicators needed to be hovered on those devices that need control. Indicators should be located either in the box or on the device. The box itself should be found at the exit and be brought so that it can not be forgotten.

Step 3: In Conclusion

This system is workable, easily accessible and can save many people from accidents. It also helps to develop a habit of checking all household devices before leaving home.

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