T-45D Power Armor Helmet




Introduction: T-45D Power Armor Helmet

Hello everyone, it is time for another helmet !

Things you will need :

pepakura wiever http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/vie...

pepakurafile :


and i got the light from this pepakura bundle made by MrSkullsnGuns :

Materials :

12x carton paper (thicker than normal paper)

2-4x Superglue

1x Normal scissors

1x Tiny scissors

5 or more hot gluesticks

good amount of steel wire for all the tubes ( i went overboard and bought 50m of steel wire)

Eva foam and craft foam to make the helmet fit snuggly on your head

1x Flashlight

1x Smaller flashlight

Fiberglass mat


Liquid hardener

putty (once again i went waaayy overboard and bought 1kg )

Vacuum cleaner hose

clear tube size 9mm length 1m

clear tube size 5mm length 1m

Rivets,pins or googly eyes.

Tools :


Hot glue gun

Sand paper


Safety :


Safety goggles

Respirator ( use when sanding and applying fiberglass and putty)

Painting :

silver spray paint

Details :

I used acrylic paint for details

Ivory black

Burnt umber

Burnt sienna

Step 1: Step 1 : Pepakura Time

Now open the pdo with pepakura viewer and print the pages, but before you print them all, test print 1 page if the lines or numbers are not on the paper then troubleshooting and instructions i suggest using this handy guide by Krsiak https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-use-Pepaku... .

Some might like to use hot glue but i always burn my fingers using it so i use superglue. Now i only glue my fingers together yay !

Tip1 :

Keep the pepakura viewer open it will help you see what part goes where.

Tip2 :

always look that the numbers match on the parts for example 120 will be glued to 120 and so on, If you cannot find the number check other numbers on the parts none match check the file with pepakura viewer and look where the parts belong.

Tip3 :

for me i had to add few pieces cause my head was too big for the pepakura file, so remember to check time to time that you are not making the helmet too small.

Step 2: Step 2 : Resin,fiberglass and Putty

Now i have to say i totally forgot to take pictures of the fiberglass and resin part ( i know i suck).

First clean the helmet and then time to make resin. Take the resin and put some of it on a cup add the correct amount of Liquid Hardener (Always check the Instructions!) too much might make the resin harden too fast. Now take a stick and stir the resin. Time to get that brush and start putting it on the helmet ( i only used resin on the inside, but you can put outside if you want.) When you have gotten the resin on the helmet time to let it dry.

Next cut the fiberglass mat into about 5x5 cm pieces ( or the size you want) and add them one by one inside the helmet and use the resin to make the fiberglass stick.

when the fiberglass has hardened time to add putty to inside to cover the smell abit and to the outside, after that its time to sand the helm, now if you want it to have less holes and scratches put another layer of putty on it and sand it again.

Tip4 :

NEVER mix a new batch with an old one, the old will start to harden the new batch!

Step 3: Step 3 : Accessories

The side thing where the flashlight will go i made from a metal piece, the size is about 18x2,5cm. Of course stupid me bent the metal before drilling the holes... Soo drill the holes then bend the damn thing.I didnt measure the space between the holes. I just drilled holes and kept the spacing about the same.

The air nozzle ( the part on picture 4) i made from a piece of metal 17x51mm in size. I draw the shape and cut it with dremel. The round thing on the piece i found from my local hardware store.

The handles/tubes next to the eyes i made from clear 9mm tube, steel wire and same part i used ton the air nozzle. Put the steel wire inside the clear tube and shape it like this ]. Time to add the things on the ends of the tube, and voila the handles are done. The tubes are done the same way the difference is length and the other tube is 9mm and the other 5mm. Making the shapes for the tubes look at some pictures of the t-45d and bend them like in those pictures.

Found these Rivets or pins from an activity store (you can use googly eyes if you want). I glued them using hot glue to the backside and over the helm and 2 in front of the helmet.

The Latch i made from craft foam pretty simple you can see the shapes on the pictures.

on the picture 5 you can see those things going around the things haha.. just cut strips from craft foam and glue them in with spuerglue.

the respirator hole thing i made from craft foam. The holes i drew and cut with the smaller scissors.

on the 6th picture the parts i used there i found from a hardware store i hot glued it into place, expect the other side i drilled a hole and put the part with the screw thread through the hole and hot glued it inside. and more rivets around the thing.

Now i hot glued all the pieces to the helm. Remember to clean the helmet before gluing these parts.

Step 4: Step 4 Paint

I only used the silver paint. I put about 2 layers of paint on it. After the paint has dried i used ivory black acrylic paint to give it abit dirtier look. I apply the black on the helm then spread it around and take the excess paint off with paper.

Step 5: Step 5 : Bigger Tubes and Flashlight

I used the vacuum cleaner hose for the big tubes and put alot of steel wire inside them so they would bend in to shape, but that was not enough, i wanted them to be closer to the helmet so i drilled 2 holes in the back of the helmet ziptieon both sides around the back and used 2 zipties to get the tubes closer to the helmet. i hot glued the tube into place but overnight one of the tubes didnt hold. My solution more hot glue !

Now at this point i started to do the top flashlight thing, abit late i know i know. Now when you have made the lamp its time to resin and putty. After that make a hole on the lamp and helmet so the flashlight will fit. Note that the flashlight must be small so it will not rub against your head (if you are good with electronics you probably can make something better). I forgot to take pictures when making the lamp sorry but i think you know the jist of it already.

Next its time to do the eye visor thingy.. i Bought some cheap acrylic plastic and window tint cut a piece that is the size of the eyes and cut the window tint about the same size, after that put the window tint on the acrylic. You can make the eye pieces as one piece of two, two might be easier. After you have cut them and put them together hot glue pieces inside the helmet and voila your helmet should be done.

Do inform me if i missed something in this guide

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    6 years ago

    Is it comfortable to used?


    Reply 6 years ago

    yeah, the inside is covered in some cheap foam and e.v.a foam to fit my head


    6 years ago

    Great job! But the "video" is really not necessary or add some footage with the actual helmet... With this you will just p*ss people off :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    thank you ! :) that video is not made by me. It contains MrSkullsnGuns t-45d lamp/armor pepakura files that are needed to make the helmet light but i can see your point


    6 years ago

    I am a HUGE fallout fan, when i get some more printer ink you better believe im doing this! EPIC, mate!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks ! have fun making your own helmet. Ad victoriam fellow fallout fan !