Introduction: T-Bar Lift


Copper wire

Wooden Dowel

Alligator Clamp

Grey and Black Spray Paint

Wire Cutter

Step 1: The T

Cut two inches of copper wire and set aside. Take 1" of metal wire and paint it black. Once dry then solder the two pieces together making a "t" shape. Set this aside.

Step 2: Hanger

Cut wooden dowel into 1/2" wide. Take a drill and drill through the flat side near the top. Drill all the way through. Then drill into the rounded side so there is a "t" shape inside the dowel. Set aside. Take 1 1/2" of wire and bend it into a 90 degree angle. Then solder the alligator clamp on. Insert the copper wire with clamp into the dowel on the upper hole and then paint it grey

Attach the T to the lower hole and you have your T-Bar.