Introduction: T LAMP 2.0

Tentacle lamp brainchild of Michele Massimo Cicorella (member of the Fablab Bologna and MakeInBo), electronics, maker, robotics and animatronics passionate... and also an artist.

One day, fiddling with a table lamp (the ones that we all used at least once to write, study, read, and why not , solder components on printed circuit boards), a question flashed in his mind... "As it would have a lamp that allows me to intelligently brighten my workbench?"

In practice, how it behaves TL 2.0?
TL is to all effects a designer lamp, turn on, behaves and off in a particular way. With one hand. But without direct contact. TL is equipped with sensors that allow it to interact at a short distance with the user. Just bring your palms to the "head" of the lamp for a few seconds to turn it on, and she will follow your movements... curious at this point you can adjust the amplitude of the light beam and lock it in the position you prefer. She will remain there and watch until you decide to turn it off. Always with a gesture.

You can see TLamp 2.0 in action at the following Youtube Video link:

Step 1: T Lamp 2.0

Tentacle Lamp is composed by a tentacle with a led bulb on the top. When you want to move the light point, you just need a hand movement, the lamp follows it until you move it away.

Why 2.0?

Because is second version of my tentacle lamp.

My first version used Arduino Mega, but in this version i used Intel Edison... this little upgrade allows to give more remote controlling features: for example, turning the TLamp on or off, upgrade the software with changes and improvements over-the-air, etc...

Step 2: Electronics Components

List of electronics parts you need to replicate this project:

nr 4 ultrasonic sensor hc-04

nr 1 lamp led bulb (found in garbage laboratory)

nr 1 mje15034 (or equivalent)

nr 5 npn transistor

nr 2 continuos Servos

1 mt strip led


nr 1 intel edison

nr 1 intel edison grove arduino shield

nr 1 wall power adapter (Vout 12Vdc min 2A)

Step 3: How Works?

Please, take a look at the following scheme:

Step 4: Mechanical Parts

nr 4 terminal cable

nr 2 mt nylon trim mower (D1,5mm)

nr 4 little spring

nuts and bolts d3X12

Step 5: Tools


soldering station

Step 6: Create Driver Board

Driver Board is composed to a:

  • Head lamp driver
  • Rings led tentacle driver

schematics in electronic format, coming soon.....sorry!

Step 7: Lasercutting Chassis

Attached you can find the chassis project in .dxf format to lasercut on wood or other stuff you prefer (Poly methyl methacrylate, etc...).

Step 8: Assembly Gear Box

Step 9: Assembly Tentacle

Step 10: Assembly Head Tentacle

Step 11: Upload Firmware

I used arduino ide....enjoy with simple code ;)

Step 12: Final Note

To give extra internet functionalities, we used Wyliodrin Cloud Platform @

This allows us to start, stop or restart the .elf sketch script; shutdown or reboot the Intel Edison board, and to upgrade the firmware/software.