Introduction: T-REX 3D Printedpaper Head

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We want to revolutionize the world of 3D printing teaching a new way to print three-dimensional objects with only paper.

Do you want to build your own dinosaur head and put in your living as hunting trophy?

Step 1: Printing and Cutting the 3D T-Rex Head

The first thing is to print the 3D model that we have designed.

Download the file attachment.

We have designed a new technique 3d printing to obtain a 3D puzzle that allows to replicate 3D objects with paper.

Following this tutorial you can build your own T-Rex head.

Here you can find all the necessary components.


  • Styrofoam or some similar
  • Silhouette Machine
  • Photography paper
  • 0.25 oz Elmers Probond Advanced Glue Samples SIMILAR


You don't need high programming, hability or electronic skills. You only need to follow these steps and have patience and creativity.

Step 2: Cutting and Starting With the 3D Puzzle

Once printed all the sheets it should be cutted with the machine.

You can use same document to cut it with the Silhouette Machine.

Import the file

Import the file into Silhouette Studio by dragging the file onto the blank page.

Select cutsettings

Open up the plotting window. We are using a cutting mat, so that optiions should be selected. A printing speed of 4 works well. Finally, make sure the "cut" option is selected.


Now simply hit "cut" in Silhouette Studio!

Once cut all the sheets we can proceed to mount the 3D model.


We should start with sheet number 1 and we will be putting layers of paper and between of them pieces of rubber glued.

  • First of all we need to prepare the glue and the rubber. We can cut little squares of rubber. You can apply glue directly on the pieces of rubber or put some white glue in a plastic cup and mix with some water to be best applied with a brush.
  • Place a Styrofoam square with the dimension of the sheets on the table and put the sheet number 1 centered upward.
  • Put some sticks in the four holes in the corners of the sheet to go stringing sheets accurately. The sheets contain some points (guidance) where you have to put the rubber pieces, sticking only those within the solid workpiece. It is important to mount the kit studying the current sheet and the below to identify the key areas where you have to put additional pieces of rubber, probably cutting them smaller.

The general procedure is as follows:

  1. Spread the brush and put glue on the blade only at the points interior volume. The leaves are always with the number up (The other side has no points).
  2. Place pieces of rubber at all points (also those outside of the piece), including a threaded portion on each stick. The pieces of rubber outside the volume serve as pillars to give support to the part in their growth and then fall to unmold. Apply with his finger little pressure on the rubber pieces ranging over the glue, if it is necessary displace them to fall over his pieces corresponding to the lower sheet.
  3. Put the brush glue over the inner rubber pieces.
  4. Skewer the next sheet and apply some pressure with your finger to is securely attached and stacked.
  5. Check out the stack of sheets from the sides to ensure that the sandwich is riding well. Normally you have to adjust gums squeezing the sticks a little foil in this area.
  6. Repeat point 4.

The most critical is that the sheets grow homogeneously and horizontal, as a perfect sandwich, pressing the sheets just enough without going over. It is also important that successive pieces of rubber go on top of forming other columns. Otherwise, the paper sheets undulate and the piece does not fit.

Step 3: Unmolding the T-Rex

When you're done you'll have a sandwich made up of leaves and pieces of rubber.

Let it dry a day and unmold carefully. If you see any sheet not goes well, you can do auxiliary cuts in the discard.

Have fun !!!

Step 4: The Result

Here you can see the T-Rex finished.

Be careful
He can bite you!

Step 5: Other Examples: Strange Head

Here you can see other example of 3D printer head.

Step 6: Other Examples: 3D City

Here you can see other example of 3D model.

Step 7: Other Example: Sumo Wrestler

Here you can see other example of 3D printer model.

Step 8: Other Example: @LuisMartinNuez 3D Head

Here you can see other example of use.

We can scan your head and print it with our technique.

Step 9:

If you do not have the resources or the machines to develop this project we can scan you head or manufacture any 3D model.

Get in contact with us.

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