Introduction: T-Rex 3D Pirnting CNC Lasercut

Hello My Friends

For this project you can use a 3D Printer, CNC and Laser Cutting Machine.

I Make this on Laser Cutting Machine and 3D Printed. You can see the final T-Rex in this photos.

Step 1: 3D Parts

In this step you need a cad 3D files or 2D Files of this T-Rex design to exported to the different machines that you want to make the T-Rex.

I'll be supplying the files so they can create one with a 3D printer.

The files will be in the final Step.

Step 2: Cut or Print & Assembly

After you cut or printing each piece must assemble very carefully.

Carefully assemble following the arrows on the photos to assembly.

Step 3: Final Assembly

This are the final assembly.

Pueden encontrar los documentos para crear el 3D printer en este "Link" below.