Introduction: T-Shirt Scarves

Here you will learn how to make three different scarves, in the order listed below, using the same techniques over and over again. Each one only requiring a short amount of time to complete.
1) The Loop Scarf
2) The Knotty Scarf
3) The Fringe Scarf

Step 1: Necessary Equipment

All you need for each scarf is at least one shirt and a pair of scissor. 

Step 2: Step 1L: Select Shirts

Loop Scarf

Select the shirts you would like to use. I recommend shirts that are a size small and having all your shirts be the same size for this scarf. However any size and combination will still work.

For this scarf I will be using two shirts and part of a third shirt. You can use as many as you like depending on how many colors you want.

Warning: Make sure there are no side seems. These shirts will not work.

Step 3: Step 2L: Remove Hem

Starting at the bottom of shirt number 1 cut off the hem and throw it away. 

Step 4: Step 3L: Create Strips

Cut strips about the width of your finger from side to side as pictured. They do not need to be perfect. You will need about 10-12 for each color. If you use more than two colors decrease this number. You will want roughly 20-25 strips for this scarf depending on how long you want it.

Step 5: Step 4L: Stretch

Taking each loop and gently pull to stretch out the material making the loop longer. Do not pull to hard or you may break the fabric.

Step 6: Step 5L: Loop

Keeping your fingers straight wrap each stretched piece around your hand to make small loops as shown below. Do this for each individual strand. (See second photo for how they should look)

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat steps 2 - 5L for each additional shirt. (Below are the finished product after step 5L.)

Step 8: Step 6L: Links

Grab one of the shirts and focus on the sleeves. Remove the hem from the sleeve and cut 2 or 3 strips. Where the sleeve is sewn together, cut that piece off.

Step 9: Step 7L: Links

Taking your strands, gently pull to stretch them out. Then cut them into roughly 3 in pieces until you run out. 

Step 10: Repeat

Repeat steps 6-7L for any shirt you want to use as links. Feel free to even grab a different shirt for diversity.

Step 11: Step 8L: Pattern

This step is optional, but I recommend layout out your loops in the pattern in which you want to tie them together.

Feel free to get creative and put them in any order you see fit. This is your creative masterpiece. 

Step 12: Step 9L: Ties

Take two of the loops and using a link tie them together. Repeat this step until you have tied all the loops together.

Step 13: Step 10L: Finished Option 1

If you like the way your new scarf looks you can leave it as it is and be on your way!

Step 14: Step 10L: Finished Option 2

If you prefer the infinity scarf simply add another loop and tie it to both ends!

Note:you might have to make another loop from steps 3-5

Step 15: Step 1K: Select Shirts

Knotty Scarf

Select the shirts you would like to use. Any size will work, and multiple sizes make it more interesting

For this scarf I will be using shirt and part of a second shirt. You can use as many as you like depending on how many colors you want.

Warning: Make sure there are no side seems. These shirts will not work.

Step 16: Step 2K: Remove Hem

Cut the hem from the bottom of the shirt and throw it away.

Step 17: Step 3K: Create Strips

Cut strips about the width of your finger from side to side as pictured. They do not need to be perfect. You will need about 10-12.

Note: Different thicknesses for this scarf add more 

Step 18: Step 4K: Stretch

Gently pull at each loop to stretch it out and then set them all aside but a few.

Note: Do not pull too hard or you  may break the material. If this should happen tie the pieces back together in a triple not, this will be done later on.

Step 19: Step 5K: Repeat & Select

Repeating steps 3-4K with a second shirt for only a few strands. Take these new strands and a few of the others for a total of 6 strands. 

Note: This step is partially optional and you can simply chose to create more strips in steps 3K

Step 20: Step 6K: Cut and Knot

Cut one end of the group of 6 and knot it together. 

Step 21: Step 7K: Braid

Holding the knotted end down with your foot braid the strands until you reach the end. Knot this end and cut off extra pieces to make them even. Using the strands on both ends select a few and tie them together creating a loop.

Step 22: Step 8K: Wrap

Cut a chunky piece from the sleeve of your main shirt. Take all the stands and the braided loop and place them together. where the braid is tied use your chunky piece to wrap around and then tie the ends together to secure it all together.

Step 23: Step 9K: Messy

Shake the scarf around to mess up the strands and tangle them in a manner. You don't want the scarf to look organized. 

Step 24: Step 10K: Get Creative!

Start taking strands and cut them in half, then tie them back together. Cut two strands and tie them together if you like. Add knots wherever and however you see fit.

Note: A triple knot will secure and hold longer.

Step 25: Step 11K: Finished!

Congrats! You have a tangled, knotted scarf with a ton of personality.

Step 26: Step 1F: Select Shirt

Fringe Scarf

This scarf only requires one shirt so pick a good one.

Hint: The larger the size of the shirt the longer the scarf.

Note: Make sure there no side seem. This shirt will not work.

Step 27: Step 2F: Remove Hem & Then Some

Cut of the hem of the shirt and toss it. Cut a large chunk out of the shirt, this will be your scarf.

Note: If your feeling creative, cut in a circle or triangle shape to add more dimension to your scarf.

Step 28: Step 3F: Strips

Cut strips about half way up the material. Make sure to cut through both sides to save you some time.

Step 29: Step 4F: Pull

Place one finger where the strand ends and the material starts. With the other hand pull on the strand gently to stretch it out. Repeat for each strand.

Step 30: Step 5F: Done?

If you like you can be done now simply pull on the entire scarf to stretch it out and call it good .... or we can make it even better and follow a few more steps.

Step 31: Step 6F: More Strips

With the remaining fabric cut about half way up similar to step 3F.

Step 32: Step 7F: Pull

Repeat step 4F and stretch out all of the new strands.

Step 33: Step 8F: Stretch

Gently pull at the scarf in sections to stretch it out.

Step 34: Step 9F: Finished!

Now your officially done with the fringe scarf!
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