Introduction: T Shirt Screen Printing Ideas to Inspire You

For a country which is also a continent both at the same time, dubbed as a place perfect for all seasons, ideas for t shirt designs abound. You can go see the Ayers Rock or the Great Barrier Reef and your creative juice for t shirt designs would surely be satisfied right away.

Once done with the finding inspiration part, achieve it either by digital printing or silk screen (which is still the most popular method available today). There’s that technique that had been passed down through generations called t shirt screen printing because of the durability of the final products it can create.  If you’re still finding it hard to choose, here are some pointers:


→ Mostly used for custom printing of small batches
→ Ink fades over the garment’s life
→ Perfect for small produce and high-colour or photographic designs

Silk Screen

→ Expected to last as long as the t shirt
→ Mostly used for retail
→ It costs more but longer runs decrease price though

Either way, you might take this suggestion list handy if you want inspiration aside from thinking of designs concentrated on what you see around.

1. Nature – This one goes without saying. Attune it to the season and you can surely find inspiration anywhere you look at. Plants, floral designs, bodies of water and mountains are famous subjects.

2. Quotes/Catchy phrases – Got Fish? I think therefore I am? Show your quirky or intellectual side by choosing which words to use and amaze onlookers who wouldn’t be able to resist staring and reading.

3. Logos/Brands – Don’t strain on the copyright infringements, remember this one’s just for fun and t shirt screen printing is best used in this manner.

4. Cause – Are you an active supporter of any political, social or civic cause within your community or perhaps the world? There are many to choose from and the AIDS ribbon is the most popular.

5. Religious – Are you a Christian or a Hindu? Put some Ganesh, Shiva, or Bible verses in there.

6. Loved one – Want to feel the love in the air. Why not instead of the usual cupid and heart design, choose something more personalized? Like a photo of a loved one.

7. Pet or animals in general – do you own a pet and adorn some more types of animals? Say cats or turtles. Whatever form they may come in, it is always nice to have some nice memento of them on what you’re wearing.

8. Fictional characters – are you a comic fan or perhaps a die-hard of some series? Bring them to life with your custom designs. Popular choices are the Flash, Captain America or any character from Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

9. Abstract – Think you’ve got the artistic lineage? You can always elicit some “what is that” reaction on your designs and boggle some minds while you walk down the road.

10. NSFW – and finally, albeit for fun, this one escalates fun to a green one. Anyone would surely enjoy your humour if you put some not safe for work designs in there. Just don’t wear them in the office.

Got that idea bulb already glowing? Waste no more minute and start your t shirt screen printing adventure now!