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Introduction: T-shirt Acorns

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I have to help with decorations for a party coming up, and acorns fit the theme.  I wouldn't want to use whole acorns, though... the nut part can have larvae in them, rot easily, and fall out.  Empty acorn caps are easier to find this time of year.

Stuffing them with fabric gives them a finished but soft look.

You will need:

acorn caps
scraps of t-shirts in the colors you want
hot glue gun
dremel or drill (optional; I drilled holes in the caps so I can string these on a garland)

Step 1: Drill Caps

You only need to do this if you're planning on stringing these.

Find a dremel or drill with a small drill bit.  Hold the acorn cap steady and carefully drill two small holes at the top (to pass the string in and out).

Clean up any acorn dust so it doesn't get all over your t-shirt fabric.

Step 2: Cut T-shirt Pieces

Cut some circles from the t-shirt larger than the acorn cap.  Cut some extra fabric to stuff inside the circle.  I used the seams for stuffing, since they couldn't be used for the circles.

Wad up the stuffing, place it in the center of the circle, and gather the edges of the circle around the stuffing to make a little sack.

Step 3: Glue

Use hot glue to secure the edges of the circle together, pulling them together and smoothing out the round end of your stuffed fabric.

Squirt hot glue into the acorn cap around the inside edge.  Avoid getting glue near the drilled holes if you want to string these when you're done.

Press the stuffed fabric firmly into the acorn cap, making sure all cut edges are firmly glued inside and not showing.  Squish the fabric ball to minimize any folds showing.

I sprayed these lightly with metallic spray paint because of the party's color scheme, but you can just as easily leave them unpainted.

Thanks for reading!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is cool. A bowl of them would make a nice autumn centerpiece. I like it!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I like this idea! How about putting something with a nice aroma in the t-shirt sachet, like lavender or rosemary?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sure that'd work well to add dried herbs... I'd probably use rice and dried herbs to fill the scented ones, or simply dot the fabric with essential oil.