Introduction: T-shirt Customizing!

 Re-use you're old t-shirts to create one of a kind designer tees!
Let you're inner designer out!

I have over the years accumulated a large number of t-shirts, many of which are too small for me now. I feel that it's a waste to throw away perfectly good t-shirts and so i try to come up with ways of using outgrown ones. Most of my t-shirts end as rags in my workshop, pitylessly tossed to the floor and used till the last threads of life are sucked out of them... That was until i had this idea!

These days designer shirts with cool prints on them tend to go for a pretty penny.
I decided to create my own.

Step 1: What You're Going to Need

Old t-shirts. Preferably in relatively good condition with cool prints on them.
                       You can use your own, or buy cheap ones at a second hand store or garage sale.

A sewing machine. This is not obligatory but it helps a lot on time saving.
                                    For you who don't have one sewing by hand is a skill (if you don't already                                               know) should learn.

Other things you should know:
Time- between 10 minutes and 3 hours (depending on how creative you decide to get)
Difficulty- fairly easy
Fun factor/creativity level- Heaps of it!

Step 2: Lets Get Started!

 Choose you're 'base' t-shirt:
First you're going to want to choose a base t-shirt to work on.
Choose a good looking, well fitting t-shirt from you're collection.
This is going to be the t-shirt you attach all the cutouts you are about to make from the selection of t-shirts you want to use.

Step 3: Choose a Style-let Your Creativity Loose!

Decide on a style or theme for your t-shirt.
You can make it reflect you're personality. Remember. Your only limit is you're creativity!
You can make any combination of the t-shirt cutouts at hand that you can imagine!
Sketch out designs based on the possible cutouts you can make from the selection of t-shirts you have at hand.
Make the cutouts:
Carefully cut out the prints you want making sure to leave enough space around them for sewing around.

Step 4: Get Sewing!

 Fire up the Sewing machine!
For you people who don't know how to sew: 
Here are a couple of very good instructables on how to sew.
Using a machine: sew using a machine
Freehand: sew by hand
-Using a sewing machine is easy. I had no previous experience and managed very well!

First line up the cutout you are about to sew in the correct place. Now run the machine around the outer rim, circling it completely. 
Next run it across the cutout in a zig-zag manner to make sure it won't come off.
Do this for all the cutouts. You may want to use thread that matches the colors of the cutout-it's you're choice to make.

Step 5: Finish Off.

 Once all the above steps are completed-
Voila! You have you're very own personalized one-of-a-kind designer t-shirt!
Get on the streetz and show off the awesomeness!
Have fun MAKING!

Useful tips:
-If you do decide to mix colors a lot then make sure you cold wash your t-shirt by hand to avoid color bleeding.
-T-shirt material is very stretchy, make sure when you are sewing that you don't stretch it, it'll turn out mis-shaped like my first few trials did. (this is especially important when using a machine)