T-shirt Wall Decoration




Introduction: T-shirt Wall Decoration

I thought to try to remix the T-Shirt Wall Art by JSTArollin.

In this instructable you can read how to make wall decoration, with a t-shirt and 12 wooden paint stirrers.

After you've made your own frame you may want to choose a t-shirt with a cool design, that fits the frame. You don't need a iron to get the wrinkles out. When you pull on the t-shirt the wrinkles will get out on their own.

Step 1: Material & Tools


  • 12 wooden paint stirrers (233 x 21 x 4 mm)
  • 1 T-shirt


  • Staple gun
  • Scissor
  • Wood glue
  • Tape

Step 2: Make the Frame Sides

Make 4 frame sides, by gluing three paint stirrers together. Make sure that the middle paint stirrer sticks out 21 mm (approximately the width of the stirring rod).

I put some tape on the stirring rod, so the glue can dry.

Step 3: Make the Frame

Make the frame with the 4 sides without gluing everything together. If you can make a square and everything looks good, than you can glue the sides together.

Apply some wood glue to the front and rear of the extended piece of the paint stirrer. Slide the paint stirrer side with the adhesive in a second paint stirrer side with an opening. Continue until you've made a square.

To better fasten the sides, I have made a staple in each corner on the front and back of the frame.

Step 4: Cut the T-shirt to Size

Cut everything from the t-shirt and make sure you only keep the front.

Place the frame on the t-shirt and find a beautiful image for your frame.

When you have found the right image for your frame, then you can attach the t-shirt with a staple gun.

Step 5: Attach the T-shirt

On my t-shirt is a nice bow. I want this bow in the top left corner of my frame. The bow is therefore the first thing I will stick to the frame with some staples. The upper left corner is now fixed with two staples.

Left side: Pull the t-shirt a little to the left and straight down. On the back of the frame you can fasten the t-shirt with 3 staples.

Top side: Pull the t-shirt a little to the top and tight to the right. On the back of the frame you can fasten the t-shirt with 3 staples.

Right side: Pull the t-shirt as tight as you can to the right and fasten it on the back with 3 staples.

Bottom Side: Pull the t-shirt straight dawn as tight as you can and fasten it on the back with 3 staples.

Between the staples is space, pull at this point the t-shirt tightly and secure it with a few staples. Do this on all places where the t-shirt hangs loosely. Cut the remaining material away from the frame

Upper left corner: To fasten the corners, pull the left side of the t-shirt to the right and the top piece of the t-shirt straight down. Make the corner now secure with a staple. Slide the frame 90 degrees to the left and do the same for this corner. Do this for all the 4 corners.

Step 6: End Result

This is the end result of a homemade frame with a t-shirt as a canvas.

This is an easy DIY for people that don't have a lot of money or for students just like me.

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    7 years ago

    Came out fantastic! Nice improvisation.

    That's an awesome upcycle! I knew paint stirrers had to have more than one use! I love how it turned out it will look great on any wall! Thanks for sharing!