Introduction: T-slot Toggle Clamp

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Did you ever need to drill 100 holes in 50 wooden boards, in exactly the same spot?

This "problem" made me realize I needed something of a drilling template that could be easily set up on my bench drill. And why not make it adjustable and use the available T-slots in the mean time.

So I started with a toggle clamp, a piece of steel sheet (12mm thick) and some bolts I had laying around.

Step 1: Drill Holes and Tap Thread

After setting out the measurements, I drilled the holes and tapped them with M5 threads

Step 2: Make the Mount Plates

I then drilled the M10 center hole, cut off the mount plates and cleaned them up a bit.

Step 3: Fit the T-slot

For the T-slot mounting, I took a bolt and washer.

Bolted it together with some 1mm thick steel sheet cutoffs, so I'll have sufficient clearance later.

I then cut the bolts to size.

Step 4: Welding the Mount Plates

Next, I welded the mount plate to the bolt.

After welding, I ground the surface flat again, so the toggle clamp can be mounted flush.

Step 5: It Works

After completion of 2 toggle clamps, I set it all up on the bench drill.

A little bit of adjustment and a very simple bump stop (just a bolt in the T-slot). I think I'll make a third clamp, to have an adjustable bump stop.

Testing on two boards; all holes in exactly the same spot!

Step 6: The Result

This is what the end result looks like.

Took me less than an hour to build and less then 10 EUR to complete, incl. the toggle clamps that came from a well-known Chinese webshop :)

Very happy with it.