Introduction: T65 Top40 Phone

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In this Instructables we will show you how to use an old PTT type T65 phone to make a jukebox out of it. You'll be able to pick a year between 2000 and 2016 and you will be able to pick a song from that year's Top40 using the dial disc.

For this Instructables you'll need:

  • a Raspberry Pi Zero
  • an old PTT phone
  • an Adafruit Speaker Bonnet
  • some cables

Special thanks to our teacher who came up with the original idea and helped us with this project.

Step 1: Open Up the Phone

The first thing you'll need to do is to open up the phone using a screwdriver. Remove the bell from the inside so that you'll have more space for the Raspberry Pi Zero.

You'll see 4 cables under the dial disc (see the picture)

  • Loosen the yellow cable and connect it to Rd on the phone.
  • Add an extra cable to connect Bl to Rd on the phone.

You'll connect the other cables at step 3.

Step 2: Add a Speaker Bonnet

We will be using a Raspberry Pi Zero, so you won't have a headphone jack, You have to add a speaker bonnet. We will use the Adafruit Speaker Bonnet.

Solder the Speaker Bonnet onto your Raspberry Pi Zero. To see a step for step manual, see their website at the end of this Instructables.

Step 3: Connect the Wires to the Raspberry Pi

After finishing the Speaker bonnet, you are able to connect the remaining cables:

  • Loosen the red cable and solder it to a female cable so that you'll be able to connect it to GPIO25 on the Raspberry Pi Zero.
  • Loosen the blue cable and solder it to a female cable. Connect it to Ground on the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Step 4: Pick Your Songs

Sadly, we didn't find a way to stream music using the Raspberry Pi, so we downloaded the music using a faster way.

We wanted to use the 40 most popular songs of different years. We used the website for this. This website has a column called Special Lists which contains the 100 most popular songs a year.

We viewed the website's html-code using F12 and copied the line including the songs. This line contains more than the URL's of the songs, so we used to be able to only pick the URL's of the songs. We wrote http:(.*?).m4a in the Regular Expression box to find all the songs starting with http: and ending with .m4a.

We used the program uGet to download all the URL's. After this we named them according their popularity from the top40 site (eg. 01, 02, 10, 40). Sadly, Pygame doesn't play .m4a files, so we used iTunes to easily convert them to .mp3.

Step 5: Run the Script

We wrote a script which picked the right song from the chosen year. We had a map for every year filled with the 40 most popular songs. Feel free to use our script and change it to your preference.


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