TARDIS in Space Nail Art

Introduction: TARDIS in Space Nail Art

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Vworp Vworp your galaxy nail art to the next level with the famous blue box of our beloved Doctor.

This was my first attempt at nail art and for a while I've been itching to try out the Galaxy Nail Art trend. Now that so much time has passed and there are countless pics on pinterest I thought I'd spice it up a little with my favorite fictional alien.

Whovians, you can have this look too with just 2 nail polish colors, a sharpie and paper stickers. Seeing as I have really shaky hands I feel like this is a great tutorial for any bold beginner.

Step 1: Gather the Things

For this Instructable you'll only need two colors of nail polish for your Galaxy background. You can use any combination of blue, purple and black. DO NOT use matte and make sure your blue is metallic.

- Metallic Blue Nail Polish
- Purple Nail polish
- A Black fine point Sharpie or other permanent marker
- Coconut oil or Petroleum Jelly
- Paper stickers
- Some cotton balls
- A pen
- Scissors

Recommended as well: Clear nail polish

Step 2: Start With Clean Moisturized Hands

Exfoliating would be recommended. Follow up with a moisturizer and then an oil. I used a brown sugar and vinegar scrub followed by hand lotion and then avocado oil. Use whatever you must to get your hands smooth.

Step 3: Sketch Some TARDIS Silhouettes on the Stickers

Sketch a couple of possible designs so its easier to choose from. There are a variety of portrayals and perspectives for the TARDIS.

We like to use stuff from our old build nights. Anyone recognize the jumper stickers?

Step 4: Rub Some Coconut Oil/petroleum Jelly on the Skin Around Your Nails

This will prevent any messes from sticking too much. You'll be able to wash off whatever goes on the coating.

Step 5: Paint Two Coats of Metalic Blue/turquoise

The metallic shimmer should already give the impression of a starry sky so there will be no need for the rest of the mess that comes with galactic nails.

Step 6: Cut Out Your Chosen Design and Stick It on the Nail

Make sure your nails are dry. Cut out your chosen design and stick it on your thumb nail.

Step 7: Dab Purple Nail Polish on Parts of Your Nails

Use a cotton ball and dab the purple all around the TARDIS and on some little parts of the other nails to give the blue violet impression of outer space.

Step 8: Add a Little More Purple With the Brush

To ensure clean lines, brush some purple over the TARDIS. Do this while wet and avoid painting over the gradient effect.

Step 9: Outline the TARDIS

When the purple is COMPLETELY dry, outline the TARDIS silhouette without removing the sticker. Afterwards, once removed there should be a crisp outline left

Step 10: Add Some Windows, Outlines and a Clear Coat If You Can

Draw and snip some appropriate windows from the stickers. In retrospect this could have been done at the beginning but I ended up pleased with the design. It is noticeably a bit more wibbly wobbly than I intended though.

Stick on the windows and fill in the outline with the Sharpie until you're happy.

RECOMMENDED: Paint on a clear coat after this step to set everything. I didn't have clear nail polish so I was unable to do this

Step 11: Allons-y!

You got it! Now find yourself a companion and geek out B)

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