Introduction: TARDIS and Fez/ Bow Tie Window Cling

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Hello! This is my first instructable. Dr Who window clings... Very good for parties. "Always bring a banana to a party, Rose.Bananas are good!" -the tenth doctor

Step 1: Go Get Your Stuff!

You will need: - a clear plastic sheet( for the paint to go on) - window paint ( I got this from Michael's but any craft store will have it)

Step 2: Templates

THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL! If you would like a template to trace over, the magical thing called Google Images can help you. I do mine freehand, but do what you want.

Step 3: Outline

Take the black paint and draw or trace the picture. DO NOT TOUCH THE WET PAINT!!! Very important.

Step 4: Coloring

Sorry. I'm so sorry. It seems to have some difficulties. You see, my paint ran out and my refillery on my TARDIS console just exploded. ... Anyway! Start filling in the clear space. Let NO air bubbles show. Fill in tiny spots with only a tiny- winy bit of paint.

Step 5: Drying and Attaching

Leave the pretty pictures to dry for at least a day(24 hrs). if its still sticky leave it. When it's all dry, carefully peel it off the plastic and press it onto the window. There you are! A pretty TARDIS and fez/ bow tie on your window!