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Introduction: TBT2000 Airsoft BB Gun Tool Box Turret

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I have one of those urges to build a Portal turret like some of the ones already on this site.
Life Sized Portal Turret by mydian_nightshade
Building a Portal Turret with motion controlled audio and lighting by CitizenSnips

While reading up on the various builds I came across a link for something called the Project Sentry Gun website.
This gave me the idea of trying to incorporate a pair of BB guns into the turret that actually work :-)

To see how this all works and for easy storage I decided to build the TBT2000, or Tool box turret and as I have said before, everything looks better when you add numbers.

The gun of choice had to be two tone to be compliant with the UK law in order purchase it, and the one that won the cheap and cheerful award was the AEG D93 For £25 including P&P you can't go wrong. Gravity fed with a 200 round capacity.....

- 135 FPS
- 200 Round Magazine Capacity
- 20 Meter Range
- Mini Machine Pistol AEG Electric Well D93 Automatic only Weighs 456 Grams
- BB Pellets are fed from the Top
- Internal Metal Barrel
- 1:1 Scale
- Semi and Full Automatic

The beauty of this is you can, at a later date remove the firing gearbox and simply slap it into the turret with a tube feed for the bullets. The trigger is only a spring onto a switch inside the body, so if you remove the switch and wire directly to the motor we can control it from a relay switched from the Arduino.

The base for the build was a toolbox I got from B&Q for £9.98
Arduino Uno from eBay
Single relay interface
AEG D93 BB gun (as listed above)
two standard servos
Web CAM from eBay
bits of wood wire and some LED's to give it that lighting up feeling and as a bonus to help set up a red LASER module and a switch.

The laser was fitted just below the trigger with the switch just below that, the switch is a three position, Laser, Off and Fire.

Now for the more observant of you it may look like it is no longer blue, I decided that as the gun was modified and can no longer be hand held it would not matter too much if I gave it a paint job. At some point I may give it a camo paint job but as it is only a test box I am not sure yet.

The beauty of having it as a TBT2000 is that it can all be packed away quite nicely for transport and you can sit the PC inside the box while it is in use for protection.
At some point I may fit a perspex cover to not only protect the web cam but also act as the disable plate, so if someone shoots the plate it will disable the turret for 8 seconds, or then again, maybe not :-)

Rather than try and redo the hard work that PSG have already done I would advise that you visit their site as they have explained it such simple terms that even I could understand.
This is the main reason why this ended up as a photo strip rather than a full instructable, however if you have a specific question I will try my best to help.

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    8 years ago

    I'm kind of confused asg doesn't have very good instructions that i could find their website is very confusing please send me a link to this project specifically. Thanks.


    9 years ago

    Wowee this is a cool build....do you play airsoft properly?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! Yes I do play for fun, not competetive :-)

    This has not been to a site yet but i am in the process of building an RC tank and an RC sentry gun for use on the site I play at.

    Might even get around to doing an ible on them later