Introduction: TENS MDDS Feedback Device

Mal De Debarquement Syndrome is a rare and not well understood medical condition where it seems your brain thinks you are moving when you are not, and vice-versa.

NOTE: This instructable is for a device in development. I will keep updating it until the device is successfully field-tested

This is a device I am creating for a friend of mine that might help in cases where he is walking, but his brain does not think he is.

Step 1: Equipment

You will need:

TENS device - I searched online and got the one in the picture (of case)

Pressure switches - At least 2. Again I searched online.

Wiring and soldering supplies

Step 2: Wiring

  1. Cut one of the wires to a TENS pad.
  2. Solder it to a female connector
  3. Solder a wire to a pressure switch terminal, and the other end to a male connector

Repeat the steps above for the other TENS pad and pressure switch.

Sew the pressure switches into the heels of a pair of socks. Connecting it all up, applying the pad to a suitable place on your body and switching on the TENS device should generate a signals when you walk.