Introduction: THE Other Altoids Survival Kit

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When you are stranded, and in a survival situation, the first and only thing you want is........ ALTOIDS!!!!! Well, this ins't the mints, this is my version of the famous and very much so amazing Altoids Survival Kit! Wtih some help from my brother, That One Eegit! Thank you That One Eegit! Hope you like it!

Step 1: What Yours Might Look Like

This is what mine normally looks like, but its all depending on how you stuff it.

Step 2: What's in It:

This is what mine contains...
1. 1 link of Paracord, about 3 feet long. 
2. 4 rubber bands, one to hold it closed.
3.1 Zip Lock bag, folded
4. Duct tape, about 10 feet, wrapped around a pieces of rolled up paper.
5. Fishing line wrapped around the duct tape.
6. Band aids, 3 normal, 4 pads.
7. Salt and sugar
8. Thread wrapped around a piece of zip tie.
9. Needle.
10. 2 fishing sinkers.
11. 2 fishing hooks.
12. 2 fishing swivels.
13. Lint.
14. String.
15. Swiss Army Knife
16. Whistle
17. Matches
18. And finnaly.... Altoids Tin!

Step 3: What to Write on the Paper

I had the idea to put tips on how to survive. These are some ideas you can check out.

Step 4: Your Ready to Mabye Survive If You Have Common Sense!

Now, you can jump out of a plane in the middle of the ocean and act like Dave and Cody (Not advised) ! All you need is an Altoids Survival Kit, and a Paracord Survival Bracelet! Still, none of this is advised. I am just being sarcastic. But this might come in handy if something bad really happens. Thanks for checkin' this out!