Introduction: THE PERISCOPE CAM:how to Turn Your Phone Into a Spy Camera.

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Hey guys,

Today we're gonna turn our phone's camera into a sneaky spy camera.
This instructable requires very little skills and is quiet fun and useful.

I'm not gonna waste your time in reading and i will try to clear out the whole concept only from pictures.

Step 1: Gathering Materials.

You'll need,

1) A small magnet ( i got it from an old pair of earphones)

2) Round mirror or mirrors. (you can buy this in any hobby shops, these are mainly used in embroidery)

3) Some Super glue.

4) Metal wire ( you need very little, make sure its too thick and easily malleable and is magnetic)

5) A phone

6)Some patience.

7)a metal wring ( optional, if you don't have the wire)

Tools used:

Hammer, pliers.

Step 2: The Ring

Okay this is the part where you'll require a little patience.


Basically what you want to do is take the wire and bend it in the shape of a ring and keep hammering it until its perfectly round and a little flat (you can look in the pics).


your mirror part will be stuck to this by a magnet.

Step 3: Sticking *The Ring* to Our Phone.

Ohkay !!

Just stick that Ring we created to your phone either using Super Glue ( Quiet permanent) or using Rubber based Adhesive ( for trial)

You'll get something looking like in the picture.

Step 4: The Mirror.

Quiet easy.

Just apply some super glue on the back side of the round mirror and stick the magnet which we got from the earphones to the back of it.

Make sure that the magnet is just a little bit outside the mirror, you'll know why.

Step 5: Testing &Tweaking!

As you can see in the first images , this thing looked quiet obvious to be noticed.

so what i did was to wrap The mirror with some electrical tape to make it look more sleek.

Step 6: Using It.

To use your spy cam, always hide it in your pocket and whenever you feel like to take a pic (secretly) ;) just snap it on your phone and you're ready.

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