This will teach you how to do accomplish the perfect oreo dunk NO UTENSILS LIKE THE LIL GIRLS USE IN THE OTHER INSTRUCTABLE!!!

Step 1: Requirments

1 glass of milk
1 Box of oreos(Do not really need a whole box but after your first you will want more.)
2 Press on nails.

Step 2: Apply Fake Nails

Now it is very simple because all you need are two fake nails. Make sure they are long and apply to thumb and index finger of your dominant hand.

Step 3: The Dunk

Now that you have your fake nails applied to your fingers you grip your oreo roughly 1/4 of the way down so that you do not risk having the cookie break on you and sinking to the bottom of your glass. Submerge the cookie in full into your glass of milk. Wait approximatly 13.693 seconds and slowly remove to ensure your cookie is whole.

Step 4: The Consumption

You will want to let your oreo drip 2 or 3 times before raising at an average speed to your mouth so that milk does not drip on you. Then you repeat the process until you are completly satisfied with the amount of oreos you have consumed.