Smartphones have become our primary device for communication as well as entertainment. These devices have become an integral part of our day today activities and we need to take proper care of it.

We being human beings worry about a lot of things in our daily life and below is my concept of “THE WORRY FREE PHONE” that will make us worry about one less thing.

Step 1: Concept Details

NOTE: There is no representations of the front of the phone as it is same as current smart phones.

It contains all the parts of a current smart phone , i.e. Multi-touch screen , speaker and mic , finger print reader etc..

Now getting to the design

1. Modules :

A. Communication Module

i) When the device is turned ON this module becomes operational taking care of the PHONE aspect of it. It turns on with the features limited to the basic communication features i.e. call and text.

ii) This module operates all the connectivity parts.

B. Entertainment Module

i) This Module carries the smart aspect of the phone and takes care of all the entertainment needs i.e Camera, Games, etc..

ii) Dedicated power button to turn ON/OFF.

iii) Both modules work by itself and together as and when needed. for e.g. the entertainment module works together with the communication module to utilize the network. and When this module is ON, the communication module can be operated using the primary display.

2. Dual Batteries :

Note : For ease of typing Communication Module . is referred C.M. and Entertainment Module as EM below.

By having dedicated batteries not only we can be assured to have the ability to communicate for longer periods between recharges, but also enjoy the Games without worrying about the battery dying and not able to call and text.

i) C.M. can draw power from the E.M. battery. but not the other way around.

ii) Both batteries can be charged via the same port at the same time. and,

a. User will be able to choose/decide which battery gets priority.

b. At a set C.M. battery level it takes priority over E.M. battery. (For e.g. if the C.M Battery is at 50% or less it charges first)

iii) Power button turns ON/OFF the C.M.

iv) Dedicated switch to turn ON/OFF E.M. (one click power save and limits background processes)

3. Emergency Switch :

i) The emergency switches are located at both bottom corners.

ii) To Activate the switch : Pull the switch and hold for 1 mins or pull twice ( it is a spring/elastic mechanism to prevent false alarms), It activates all the in-build sensors and networks ,contacts your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts and provides with the location details.

4. Redesigned Stylus acts as extendable antenna :

i) Extendable Antenna provides increased network reception especially for those camp lovers and explorers, "have fun worry less"

ii) As the stylus is pulled out ,there is a set position inside the stylus holder at which the antenna contacts on the stylus activates.

5. Air Cover :

i) Out of the box rugged case for fall , water and dust protection.

ii) Sealed air pockets absorbs shocks of fall and also makes the phone float in water. Worry free fishing right there :)

iii) Build in charging cable : no more forgetting the cable.

6. Water Detection and Data protection :

i) In case of the external cover fails, the water detection circuits at the ports, batteries and internals provide additional security from phone damage due to water getting in.

ii) The detection circuit disconnects the detection point from rest of the device. For e.g.: if water gets near the headphone port, the water detection circuit triggers a relay which isolates the ports and corresponding Water detection LED on the back glows, and also receives a notification.

iiI) This prevents the shorts circuits, thus saving the device and data. This can also be enhanced to enable data erase if someone tries to break open the device.

7. Bluetooth Headset :

i) Bluetooth headset attaches to the phone, One less thing to worry about carrying around separately.

7. OLED Display :
i) Turns the unused pixels off , Thus saves battery life.


With the limited time these are the only concepts I was able to put together, there are lot more that can be added to this.

Thank you for your patience..


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