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What your looking at is a project what became a huge undertaking. I was asked by New York State Parks if I would like to help restore
Planting Fields Arboretum. Now a brief bit about this location, This was huge manor out on the North Shore of Long Island built in 1918. This was also still a time where they still had blacksmiths, so the project I took on was the old garden gate. When I first heard about it I really thought it was going to be easy. I also didint count on weather and age, so 95 year old gate made from solid iron rotting into the ground. First a team of people had to remove it from where it is to the shop. Then I came in then the real project began, restoring it to the way it was when it was first made. Basically it was almost a total, Slowly I started breaking down piece by piece the gate. All the bars you see in that gate arent welded in they are bolted into place from the bottom with a pan head screw. Most of the old bars were too damaged to reuse in the project. So I needed to cut new one the tap the bottoms out, just like the old ones were keeping its history alive and being a true craft man about it. Now the top part what a night mare all those leaves shaped pedals need repairs and or replaces with hand crafted one, and at the very top I needed to make a second flower. that alone took me a day to make pounding and shaping, then cutting and grinding until it was once again perfect. Now I am only posting of the gate before the work, after my metal work, day of install, and present day. So this is my thumb print on history for other to enjoy for years to come. Please feel free on asking me any questions. Enjoy 

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