Introduction: THUNDER Paper Airplane TOSS IT CHALLENGE

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This is a fast steady airplane. IT goes in a straight line. It can glide it can flip. feel free to make this simple paper airplane! Ok,and do not say i copied firebert because look at the dates posted!(
Firebert and I)

Step 1: Get Stuff and Fold

first get an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper.

1. fold paper in half

2. fold corners down to middle

3. fold flabs to the middle

Step 2: Fold... Again

simple enough

flip over and fold in half

Step 3: Fold......

The closer you fold to the fold. (where the paper is folded in half) The faster it will fly

Step 4: DONE!

just crese the folds and open it up!

hope ya like it!

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