Introduction: TI-30 IPod Case

have an old TI-30 lying around? stopped using it since you upgraded to a graphing calculator in the 9th grade? well put it back in your pocket, as an iPod case!

Step 1: Tools

all you'll need for this is a TI-30, an iPod, some tape(any type will work), and a backing(tissue paper, cardboard, just something to keep your precious iPod from being scratched.

Step 2: Now for the Case

with a screwdriver, remove the electronics from the calculator, leaving only the bare shell (you can still use it if you want to)

Step 3: With Some Quick Modifications...

with the tape and backing material, cover the inside of the shell to give it a better fell. make a small pouch from the tape and attach it to the bottom, then make sure you tape down the backing so it wont slide around.

Step 4: Done!

and thats it. store your iPod in the safety of obsolete technology, and showcase a small piece of technology that doesn't seem to get the praise it deserves

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