Introduction: TIE Fighter Inspired Egg Cup

I watched Star Wars so many times that it is engraved in my brain forever.

One time I needed some cups for my favorite egg dish - SOFT BOILED EGG !!!

Why not do it in SW-like style :)

Step 1: Drawing and Modeling

Simple model, quick drawing and then print. I used PLA and it works pretty well. It's better to use a food appropriate filament but I don't have one.

You can paint it with a primer and add as many details as you want. I decided that I want a brand new look. The hole and the pole to mount it tougheter aren't ideal in the print because I wanted to drill it for perfect fit. Glue it and use it. May the force be with us. !!

Step 2: Use It for Good

I attached my .stl files if you want to print it my style but it is really fun to model your own version.

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