Introduction: TILE CABINETRY

When substituting the bathroom porcelain,

I decided to make cabinets in the free space round the tank,

and furthermore to add a bidet function.

Step 1: Equipment

For this type of work you need a tile saw with tilting blade to enable thin joints,

ordinary hand tools, angle grinder and drill press.

If you have a cad-program it helps,

but a simple sketch will do.

Step 2: Bevels

Bevels has to be cut on all the pieces reaching the front surface,

in order to match the pattern around.

Step 3: Top Tile

After drawing the layout on the top tile, I cut off the superfluous part,

thus making room for the shower hose.

Step 4: Grinding

Tile glue does not bind to enamel,

so I used the angle grinder to remove some of it.

Maybe it would work using epoxy instead.

Step 5: Support

To position the sides, I needed support for the wall,

so I glued two pieces of drywall to the top.

Step 6: Wall

A piece of drywall was cut according to the sketch and with

a slope of 15 degrees, to give the bottom tile a forward slope.

After cutting the backside, the wall could be folded and glued to the top tile and support.

Step 7: Cut the Tiles

The front pieces has full height and bevels up and inwards.

The next pieces has bevels at the front and a 15 degree slope.

The three innermost pieces have no bevel,

and two has a minor slope.

Step 8: Glue Them to the Wall

As the front pieces has bevels, you can glue them close to another,

and get narrow, elegant joints.

Step 9: Bottom Tile

Make a hole for the hose in the drill press.

Bevel, cut, grind and glue similar to the top tile.

Grout all joints and the cabinet is ready to mount.

Step 10: Mount

To support the cabinet, I used two brackets with wedges

that could slide to get the right position before fixing it to the sides.

With grout around, time for the hardware,

the hose and the shower to enter.

Step 11: Doors

The doors are simply plywood pieces with tiles glued on.

The difficult part is to position them,

so use adjustable hinges.

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