Introduction: T.K.B.T (The Knex Bear Trap)

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This is my latest creation and actaully a very simple one.
Basically, the claw grabs something that hits the blue rod and it just puts it's teeth into it... and hard!

-fun to use
-can trap anything (even my walking-robot)
-a chain so the target can't move
-it keeps it's mouth closed when hit

-might bite and close when you're setting it

For short:
It's a recommandable Bear Trap.

Update on the Tornado:
It is Posted!!!

Step 1: The Ring

This part is for a sturdy bodyframe.

Step 2: The Pole Ring

This part is to lock it around something like a tree.

Step 3: The Chain

this part is to keep the Trap Ring and the Pole Ring together.

Step 4: The Emplacer

This part is to keep the trap opened until someone or something hits it.

Step 5: The Actual Trap

the Rings and the Chain are actually not required (but they make it look nicer), you only need the actual Trap and the Emplacer.

Step 6: Assembly

The pictures speak for themselves:

If you have any problems, post a comment on my orangeboard.

Step 7: The Tricky Bit

This part is kinda tricky and will require some stable fingers.
you need to disconnect the yellow rods so the trap is set.
here, 2 pics on how it should look.

pic 1 connected, pic 2 disconnected.

Step 8: It's Done!!!!

Weel you've built yourself a knex bear trap.
have freaking much fun!!!