TLC5973 Led Driver MSP432 With Bluetooth

Introduction: TLC5973 Led Driver MSP432 With Bluetooth

Hello Guys,

This is my first instructable. In this project I use Bluetooth controlled MSP432 to run the Led Driver TLC5973.

Actuall I starter this project 2 years ago, when I was working. But since I left the job and starded to study, I couldn't find enough time to finish this project. Now All exams are done, I was free to finish this project.

The aim of this project was to control many LEDs with a smart phone via Bluetooth. And it would be for buildings.

Each TLC can be driven individually with 12 bit (for each color) up to 3 Mhz. So it is nice for lighting buildins.

Step 1: Software for MSP432 Launchpad

Actually this was very hard to me to determine the right algorithm. Because TLC5973 needs high accuracy pulse. According to the datasheet, the period must be between 0.33-10 uS. I set the period 10uS to gain more time when the processor sends the data. Because when it sends the data, it prepares the next data to be sent. I used a timer with ISR(interrupt service routine) to produce signal cycles.

For each TLC5973 I must send 48B bit data, first 12 is write command, and the rest for RGB led PWM control. MSP432 receives the commands from Bluetooth HC-05 module. They communicate with serial port, it is very easy to use.

I wrote the program in Code Composer Studio. I used switch stamement for received datas. Main clock of MSP432 is run at 48Mhz to catch enough speed.

Step 2: Bluetooth Software for Android

It is a very simple app as you see :). I used app inventor to create the app, I don't have any knowledge about android programming. Each sends a character, such as: OFF sends A, Blue send B. ASCII characters are used. This is my first android app :). I hope I can improve it in the future .

Step 3: List Materials and Tools

- MSP432 Launchpad

- TLC5973 Led Driver ( I drew a pcb for it)

- HC-05 Bluetooth Module

If you want, I can send the drawing of the PCB for TLC5973.

And C program is attached.


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    4 years ago

    hi there can you share the pcb design?


    6 years ago


    I'm working with MSP432 and Energia (not CCS but whatever). I'm trying to make a remote for a robot with an app on my Android Phone.

    I was wondering how you connect your Tx & Rx pin on your MSP432 board, because i'm using the correct pins to connect my Bluetooth module but it's not working. The issue might be somewhere else but i'd like to be sure about those jumpers !



    Reply 6 years ago

    I set any Rx & Tx pins which I use to communicate with bluetooth module. Then in the code , I get the data from buffer of RX.