Introduction: TMNT Turtle Shell Backpack

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The making of a tmmt shell backpack for Halloween. Was pretty durable for a cardboard backpack and comfy to!

Step 1: Ingredients

Brown fabric, already had

Cardboard free

A plastic bag

Hot glue gun with lots of sticks

Foam padding

Now you're ready for a turtleriffic backpack!

Step 2: The Base

Start by making a big oval of how much you want the whole thing to be. Trace it on the cardboard and cut it out. Next trace another one and trace a smaller oval out of it, that's where the bag is gonna be to hold your candies. Next fold the paper in half and draw on your turtle sides. Mark which sides go with what. Cover all in the brown fabric.

Step 3: The Bag

Sandwich the bag unto the empty hole of the bag, glue it down. Make a pattern for the front and also cover in the brown fabric. Bend it so it will stick up with the plastic bag. Make a flap to cover the inside. Almost done!

Step 4: The Straps

I traced my backpack to get get the pattern. I traced it onto the cardboard and bent it around it would be more flexible. I added the foam around the straps and wrapped this black stretchy fabric. (You can use the brown fabric but I ran out of it) I made mini straps to fill the gap between the bag and the straps. I also added a hook so the bag can hang on hooks. I traced the pad from the backpack to paper onto the foam sheet. I would've doubled it but I was making a second backpack for a friend.

You are done!

Step 5: The Costume

To make the complete costume I bought sais from a ninja kit at the dollar store and painted them the right color (some of the paint chipped off). I got a red fabric scrap wrapped it around my head. I bought a Raphael shirt for $18 on Amazon and that was basically it. I regret not wearing green pants though would've made the costume better.

Turtle power!!!

Halloween night was wet but it held pretty good. Lots of candy. One of the straps began to break off so maybe something a little stronger to hold but for the most part 9.5/10 :)