Introduction: TNT Nuke Minecraft PE

About: I play Minecraft on pc, Xbox 360 and pe. If you ever want to do an instructable with me on the 360 just ask and I will mention you

Step 1: Find a Place to Build

You should find a place to build far from your creations because it blows up a lot of stuff.

Step 2: Building the Frame

Next you can build it 4 or more high but leave to blocks in the middle empty like shown.

Step 3: Filling the Hole

Now you fill the hole with one block of lava in the middle and then place a tnt block I front of it.

Step 4: Ignite

Now just ignite any block you want and watch the explosion!

Step 5: Aftermath

That's a huge crater! If you don't believe me try this.

This also works on Xbox 360 and PC minecraft!

Enjoy :)