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we wanted to convert a Truck tonneau cover from the gas springs that come with the truck to electric and remote control. All the parts we purchased from we used 2 x 12" stroke actuators, a 2chanel remote control system and some brackets (MB1) and that was it. This was very easy to do. Full part numbers will be posted at the End. The end result is that you get a cool remote Fob that goes on your keys and you can open and close your truck lid with the press of a button.

Step 1: Installation

First off the actuators can be installed in the same location as the gas springs that were there before. You could get away with installing 1 actuator in the middle and keeping the existing gas springs to help with the weight and that could save money but we wanted to add 2 actuators.

Step 2: Using Hte Brackets for the Actuators

Here you can see where the brackets go. First you attach the brackets to the back wall of the truck, and the other bracket to the lid of the truck. the key is to make sure that when the actuator is fully retracted that the lid is fully closed at that point. So its best to attach the bracket to the back of the bed first, then make sure the actuator is retracted then get in the truck with the bed down and attach the actuator with the brackets on each end and hold up the actuator where it needs to be attached to the lid, then mark the holes where you need to drill the screw holes into the Bed lid underside. Then you can get out, lift the cover up and drill and screw in the other bracket.

Step 3:

Here you can see where the other bracket goes and where the actuator attaches to it.

Wiring is simple. Simply wire both actuator sin parrallel to the remote control and then the red/black wires from the remote go to the battery or ignition switch, and thats it. These actuators are so easy to use and install

the parts list include

12" stroke 200lbs force actuator

MB1 bracket

2CH-RC remote control system