Introduction: TOP SECRET the Art of Hiding Your Stuff

Don't you hate it when people go through your stuff or steal things here are some simple solutions. Remember, the key to a good hiding place is it must be well hidden but easy to get to.

Step 1: The Air-soft Gun

1:Take a air-soft gun with a detachable hand grip and take them off. 2:Fold your piece of paper or money and put it in the grip. 3:put the grip back on.

Step 2: The Candle

1:Take a piece of paper fold it and put it in plastic wrap and get a candle. 2:Light the candle and let it melt. 3:Pour out the wax but leave a layer at the bottom. 4:Put your paper in the candle and pour the wax back over it.

Step 3: The Stapler

1:Pull off the top of a stapler like your going to replace the staples 2:Put the paper on top of the staples. 3:Put the cover back on.

Step 4: The Picture Frame

1:Take the back off a picture frame. 2:Place paper between picture and back. 3:Put back back on.

Step 5: The Book

1:Take a book that you have no use for and cut out the center of the pages to make a cavity. 2:Hide your item. (NOTE) .The thicker the better .Make sure the book isn't valuable or a first edition (you have been warned) .Hard cover will work better

Step 6: Thank You!

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable have fun trying these out and coming up with your own. Follow my page. I will be adding new projects regularly. Please leave feedback and ideas for new projects in the comments section.