Introduction: TORTILLA MASK

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A simple mask for those moments that may or may not require a disguise.

Step 1: Materials List

A fresh soft tortilla.  You may want to get more than one, they are tasty.

Step 2: Tools Needed

A hungry mouth full of teeth.

Step 3: Locate the Eyes

Hold the tortilla up to your face and locate the spot for your eyes by lightly pressing the tortilla into your eyes.

Step 4: Bight Out Your Eyes (not Your Eyes, the Holes for Your Eyes in the Tortilla)

Fold the tortilla over the spots for your eyes and use your hungry mouth full of teeth to bight out the holes for eyes.  You can make simple round holes or be creative and make eye shaped, triangle, square or whatever shaped holes you want.

Step 5: Use Your Mouth to Make the Mouth

This step is even easier than making the eyes.  While holding the tortilla, with the eye holes aligned with your eyes, push the tortilla into your mouth and bite.  Just like the eyes, you can make the mouth simple or get creative.

Step 6: Finishing Touches and Enjoy

Get the kids involved, they may even have ideas of their own, like biting around the edges to give your tortilla mask a rugged look.  (my two year old's idea) (I think she was hungry too)  To wear your mask, hold it up to your face.  I use a hat to hold mine in place.  If you find the right size tortilla, you can open up the bottom and wear it as a hood.


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