Introduction: TOSS CAM

Our concept begin on "What if we can toss the camera into the air ?" We had try many kind of prototypes.

One of the ideal situations for this device is party. Unlike the normal photo shooting, with this device, people just need to toss this camera into the air and it takes the photo of all the people with very intuitive instruction.

Also, Tosscam works as abstract image generator. For those of who needs abstract image for
presentation board or art, this is the camera that they need. The random photos that is taken While its flying are very unpredictable which we think its creative.

Lastly we wanna talk about taking architectural photography with tossCam. Since the camera falls down
to the ground whenever it is, it can take interesting photos or movies if we drop this device from the top of the building.

Step 1: The Protect Ball Part-123D Design

The purpose is to protect the camera while using it. Use 123D design to make a sphere and, measure the size of the camera and make a hole inside. Export the file as STL.

Step 2: The Protect Ball Part-Monolith

Import the file in Monolith. We are going to make the sponge structure. And then print the model with "Fabrial", a kind of soft material. With both sponge structure and soft material, the camera lens won't get crush on the ground.

Step 3: The Outside Cover Part-Grasshopper

We use Grasshopper to make the surface. This surface can easily let the air inside and make the parachute open. Then saved as STL.

Step 4: The Outside Cover Part-123D Design

Take the sphere and edit it. add a hook on it .

Step 5: PRINT

Print both model out. And then, we are going to make the parachute part.

Step 6: The Parachute

We choose "picnic blanket" to be the material of the parachute.The most important part is "we make two parachute". One is the main parachute and the other is a small parachute. Stick the small parachute on the top of the main parachute. The purpose is to make the parachute easily open. When the small parachute open, it bring the big one. (see the video in 01:45)

Step 7: (image)

Amy / Satomi / Himari / Yas