Introduction: TR18

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Presenting.... TR18. One of the greatest Knex guns in the universe.


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Well here it is, the TR18. Alot of people really wanted to know how to mae this, so, (with KILLERK's permission) I decided to post it!

Very powerful
18 shot turret
Ram rail
Strong, comfy handle
Strong trigger
Comfy stock
Range- (I got it to 85ft with a white rod, and I easily got 230ft with red rod w/ fins)
Strong design

Quite uncomfortable to hold if you have long arms
Orange connector on ram guide can break if you use too many bands.

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Soo... you like? Of couse you do! Righty'o, Lets get building!

Step 1: Parts List

It never any gun to get halfway through making something then finding out you dont have the pieces! So here are the parts you need!

Yellow- 52
Green- 6
White- 15
Grey 2-space- 54
Grey 1- space- 90
Red- 6
Orange- 7
Blue 3d- 1

Green- 59
White- 48
Blue- 5
Yellow- 37
Red- 4
Grey- 2 
Black (strengthened)- 2 (They can be grey rods if you want)

Blue spacer- 22
Tan clip- 20
Metallic blue clip(This can be changed for a grey 1-space connector)- 1
Ball socket- 1
Y-Connector (Picture)- 2
Small wheel w/ tire- 2
Medium wheel w/o tire (Picture)- 3

Step 2: The Turret

Here is the turret, read the writing and follow the pics.

1-13- Many different angles of the turret
14- Get these
15- Place 3 wheels on like so
16- Another veiw
17- Place the small wheels on like so (It doesnt matter if they are not center)
18- Another veiw
19- Get 1 end like this
20- Carry it round like so
21- Get the other side as shown
22- Bring both ends together
23- 1 side should look like this
24- The other side should look like this
25- Clip them together + this is what you should have.
26- Get this and put it aside with the turret for now. (That clip can be changed to a grey 1-slot   connector later if you want)

Thats the turret done! Arent you excited!

Step 3: The Front End

This is the front end, I am not going to number the pics, as they are all just different angles of the same thing.

1-10- Different veiws of it.

Step 4: The Handle

Pretty simple, again no need for individual pics.

1-5- Different veiws of it

Step 5: The Trigger

Pretty simple, But I still took a few pics.

1-3- Different angles of the trigger (There is a green rod inside the connectors holding in the actual ram block thing, this is just left like that, when the gun is full assembled, it wont come out!

Step 6: The Stock

This is the stock, Im bored, I feel like labelling the pics :-)...

1- The stock... duh!
2- Another veiw
3- Another veiw
4- The shoulder rest
5- A top angled veiw

Woohoo! Done the stock!

Step 7: The Ram + Ram Guide

This is the ram and ram guide, follow the pics.

1- Make this (It is a black rod and a ball joint)
2- A close-up of the end (Dont forget to add tape!)
3- Make this- it is the ram guide
4- Another veiw
5- Slide the ram through the orange connector
6- Attach the blue rod on the ram guide to the stock (shown in pic)
7- Another veiw
8- Another veiw

Hmm... boring.

Step 8: Assembly!

I dont know why, but for some reason,  assembling your model is always the most fun part, as you see your creations come to life bit by bit!

1- These are all of the parts you should have.
2- Get the front end and the trigger
3- Attach the trigger like so
4- Another veiw
5- Another veiw (Make sure the end grey connector looks like that!)
6- Get the stock
7- Attach it to the main body like so
8- Make sure one end of the ram guide is in that yellow connector!
9- Another veiw of the stock and ram
10- A close-up of that connection
11- Get the handle
12- Attach like so
13- A close-up of that connectioh
14- Get the turret and that little blue clip
15- Put the turret in-line with that rod
16- Slide it on like so
17- Attach the blue clip on the end of the rod.
18- What it should look like now.

Yayz! Almost finished!

Step 9: Rubberband Placement


1- Get 3 rubberbands,I used two #38s and one #64 rubberbands.
2- Attach one rubberband on the ram like so
3- A close-up of one end
4- A close-up of the other end
5- Put a band on the trigger like so
6- Another veiw
7- Take the turret off again
8- Attach a rubberband in the tan clip like so
9- a close-up of that
10 - Put the turret back on and attach the blue clip on.
11- Put the rubber bands over that like shown
12- Do the same on the other side like shown
13- In this pic the gun is upside-down, put the band on like so
14- Another veiw of it the right way up

Step 10: How to Load and Fire!

How to load and fire- video style :-)

Step 11: Congratulations! You Are Finished!

Congratulations! You are finished!

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Step 12: MODS!

These are mods made by KILLERK, any problems, just ask!