Introduction: TRON Style Bicycle

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Easy way to be safe during the night :) In addition, this is not so expensive. If you are interested in this, please let me know!

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Step 1:

Buy tape LED on Amazon or eBay etc...
I recommend 5m one and also RGB type can change the color. (12V. Not buy 24V version)
Then, cut and attach it to your bicycle. You should use cable tie and Double-sided tapes (See Step2)

Also, you need battery. I used Panasonic EVOLTA 2500mAh x10. You will feel it's too expensive but it's not so expensive if you think about whole things. Non-rechargeable battery is useless.

Let me know if you want to use RGB one.

Step 2:

①I'm using this Double-sided tape

This one is very tough!! :) So don't worry about LED falling off but I think you guys should have to use cable tie with this.

The default double-sided tapes are too weak,so I highly recommend this one :)

This one is white, if you want to use clear one, let me know, I'll find it for you guys!

②The batteries I'm using is here

This one is set with charger

Step 3:

If you have any question, Let me know! Twi@YuTR0N_Eng

My English is far from perfect, don't hesitate to ask me something :)

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