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Introduction: TShirt Custom : Cut Out and Braid

Turn an old tee shirt into your new favorite top ! Super easy :)

More DIY tutorials : http://bit.ly/MinkyDIY
Ce tuto en français est là > http://cybercultures.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/cut-out-tee-shirt-diy/

  *********** Sorry, my english is not perfect <3 ***********

You will need: cissors, needles and thread.
Optionnal : a ruler + a chalk

0. Cut all around the neckband and take it off the tee. If needed, use the chalk to draw the line around the neck before cutting.

1. Find the middle line in the back of your tee.
For this fold it in half by putting one shoulder next to the other, as in photo 1

2. Make a triangle by selecting a part of the folded back and mark the triangle by putting needles. Note that the longer you will make the triangle, the wider the open back will be. You can make it smaller than on these photos.

3. Cut (around 1cm) bands, perpendicular to the needle line. You don't want it too thin nor too large. Do this all along the line.
NOTE : on these photos, I have used a piece of paper to show that the cut has to be perpendicular. You don't need this paper.

4. When done, take the needles off and stress the lines one by one, by rolling it in your fingers.

5. This is the hard part, but not so complicated, you'll see. Take the first band, pull it towards you with one hand, while with the other hand, you catch the second band. Let off the first band, keep the second one... and catch the 3rd band. Keep the third band, let off the 2dn one... etc... Look at the photos, I really tried to make clear shoots.

/!\ At this point, it might be useful to have a third hand... I mean a friend to maintain the tee while your braiding :) If not, put books on both sides to keep the tee straight while you're doing this.

6. When arrived at the end of the bands, just fix it temporary with a needle, and push the crossed parts to the sides. You will be able to adjust the drawing at the end by moving the braids.

7. Do this same "braid and push" as many times as you want. On this example, I've done it 4 times. Fix the braids temporary with needles.

8. Adjust the way your braids are made for a nice pattern.

9. Take some thread and needle to make a few nods by sewing.

10. Done!

TIP : if your tee is fragile and you don't want it to be damaged in the washing machine, put it in a close pillow case during laundry.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, I love this! So creative. Thank you for sharing. :-)