Introduction: TTGO Lora OLED Clock

Out of various cheap modules available in market for LORA protocol, cheapest option available is TTGO which comes with an on board SMA antenna port and OLED. LORA has its own capabilities however we can still use this module as BLE or ESP module.


Components needed:

1) Laptop / Computer (running arduino)

2) USB to micro cable

3) TTGO module

and Some free time ;)

Step 1: 1) Setup Arduino

First things first, you need to setup the Arduino with required libraries and Boards. For ESP and LORA setup from this website (RNT tutorials) could be handy.

Step 2: 2) Connect TTGO Module to Your Device (Laptop / Computer)

Select the correct COM port and Board, as shown on the website in step 1

Additionally the tutorial is really helpful.

Step 3: 3) Code

Download and open the attached code (.ino file) onto your machine.

1) once you open the file; change SSID and Password (according to your local network configuration)

2) And upload.................

Step 4: 4) Done

You can now customize this display or add an case for this module and place it at any place you like

IMPORTANT: standalone module may require battery device like powerbank or source. (keep something like that handy)