Introduction: TTGO T-Watch Robot

This instructables shows how to turn a TTGO T-Watch to a tiny robot.

Step 1: Preparation

Step 2: 3D Printing

Download and print the chassis at thingiverse:

Step 3: Install Rubber Rings

Install 7 mm rubber ring on the 3D printed wheels.

Step 4: Install Wheels

Install wheels to the tiny motors.

Step 5: Install Chassis

Install nylon balls and motors to the 3D printed chassis.

Step 6: Soldering Work

Here are the connection summary:

Motor Drive Board
IN1  -> Motor 1 pin A
IN2  -> Motor 1 pin B
Vcc  -> T-Watch VDD3V3
GND  -> T-Watch GND
IN3  -> Motor 2 pin A
IN4  -> Motor 2 pin B
EEP  -> Vcc
OUT1 -> T-Watch pin 13
OUT2 -> T-Watch pin 14
OUT3 -> T-Watch pin 25
OUT4 -> T-Watch pin 26

Note: T-Watch pin 13 and 14 require soldering on FPC socket.

Step 7: Assembly

Put the T-Watch on the chassis and screw up 14 mm M2 screws.

Step 8: Adjustment

The 8 mm nylon ball may not align with the wheel at the same level. Enlarge the chassis upper hole can adjust the level.

Step 9: Program

Step 10: Enjoy!

It's time to add your custom code to your tiny robot!

Step 11: What's Next?

Soldering the pins on FPC socket is not easy. TTGO is designing a motor board for building robot, hope this can release soon.

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