Introduction: TV-B-Gone Gen4: Mod to Add a US/EU Switch

If you have a Generation4 TV-B-Gone you can modify it by adding a switch to choose between European POWER code transmission or US POWER code transmission.  First check if your TV-B-Gone board looks like the one pictured below to see if you have a Gen4.

Note: If you have an older version, you might find the answer in this instructable of the inventor Mitch Altman who had helped me a lot, modifying the new version.

Step 1: Modify the Case

You need a very small switch (some sort of smt switch) to fit in the original case. If you got one, figure out where to put it - best would be the side of the board where no other parts than the battery clip is mounted. Check the other half of the case - there is not much space and find a good position.

Step 2: Glue the Switch and Solder the Parts

If you have an european version, desolder R3 first. The left pad is connected to ground, the right side to pin 5 of the microprocessor (thanks to Mitch again for the schematics). The US-version shouldn't have R3.

Glue the switch in its position.

Solder a small cable from the right pad of R3 to the switch.

Solder a 1K (or something like this) resistor from the other pin of the switch to ground (I used the middle pin of the resonator).

Update: Mitch was nice enough to let me add the schematics for you.

Step 3: Test It

If you put the batteries back in, the red led of the TV-B-Gone will blink 3 times if the switch is open (US-mode) and 6 times if the switch is closed (EU-mode). If you want to test it and take out the batteries, you have to wait a minute or so, to let the condensator discharge (otherwise the microprocessor won't reset, and the led won't blink).

Step 4: Case Closed

From now on you have a few more chances to turn these TVs off. I've found 2 LCDs near my place, that need to get the US-codes.

Little fun fact I've noticed: One of the last codes sent (in both modes) is the code to send any Apple Mac with an IR-Receiver in sleep mode, if it isn't paired to a single remote (that's standard).